Some thoughts from our journey into Rust and Wasm that may help if you’re learning either of these technologies. (Note personal views here)

Learning Rust

It’s fair to say that Rust itself is an amazing language; however it is also fair to say that Rust’s learning curve is, well, steep. But the views from top…. wow! For a quick script to parse some trace data then it’s not your preferred tool. However after (between the two of us who’ve worked on this) 40+ years programming experience our personal view this is the language we’d want to use for rock-solid enterprise production software.

Learning Wasm

WebAssembly is in idea that in some ways have been around and tried before; the concept is still as valuable even more so today. And the direction Wasm is taking is very exciting.


For things rusty

Would also suggest that you look at Rust In Action by Tim McNamara

For Wasm